Thursday, August 21, 2008

He warned us!

Well, he finally did it! He's been threatening to do it for a while now, and a couple of weeks ago he finally got off his ass and did it!

What am I talking about, you ask?

VideoNick has started his own blog. He's been posting in my comments section for months and has decided that he wants his own space to rant and ramble to his heart's content.

If you've ever had the "pleasure" - and I use the term loosely - of meeting VN, then you know as well as I do that this man has one very creative and twisted mind! Give him a topic and he's off - no holds barred.

We first crossed paths, 18 years ago this past May, at a bus stop at the University of Manitoba. After we said hello, it was all downhill from there. You see, I was a sweet innocent country girl before he came into my life.....

Okay, Okay! Stop laughing! Well I was a country girl, and I really was just starting to spread my wings when we met, so he did help with retooling my brain. That really does explain a lot doesn't it?

We hung out together a lot that first summer and he introduced me to other twisted souls and kindred spirits. Over the next couple of years we went to a few concerts - Moxy Fruvous, Victor Borge, and Double Exposure to name a few. We even went to a couple of plays. One that we saw, was the MTC Warehouse production of the Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin play called "The Search For Signs Of Intelligent Life In The Universe" (Don't recall the actress who did that version, but it was good).

There were several parties where he delivered a rant or two that I WISH I'd have had a tape recorder! One in particular was just before Christmas, 1990. It was only about a month after I had lost most of my sight and I really wasn't in much of a party mood. My friends convinced me that I needed to get out for a little fun. VN and another guy, started doing a riff on "Do You Hear What I Hear". They did more than a dozen verses, each with "unique" words. Everyone was cracking up! I don't remember anything they sang, but I know that it was a good job that I was sitting on the floor. I was literally rolling on the floor, laughing harder than I had laughed in months! A year or so later he performed as the "Irreverent Reverend Nick" at a mock wake for a good friend of ours who was moving away.

We actually crossed paths in Toronto one time. I was there with a friend for one of my many eye treatments. I called a good friend to let her know I was in town for a couple of days and she said; "Small world, so is Nick! Why don't we all have dinner?"

We kind of lost touch for a couple of years but connected again in 2002 for a close friend's funeral. We've tried to stay in touch ever since. We still occasionally run into each other at a bus stop or on a bus, but usually keep in touch by email now.

He really is a great guy, and I am honoured to call him my friend. I hope you will check out his blog. He has a wicked sense of humour and strong opinions. He doesn't censor himself. His first few posts are evidence of that. He took on some pretty HOT topics around these parts. So consider yourself warned! He may rant. He may ramble. You may not like or agree with everything he says, but he will make you pause, think, laugh or all of the former!

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videonick said...

Hey there. Thanks for this post and the references to my little blog of maniacal ramblings.

We certainly did attend some interesting parties and I do remember the Christmas tunes we did. Needless to say, they wouldn't wind up on the Disney Christmas collection.

Folks, dnsyl57 is a pretty cool person too. I'm glad we met. You never know who you will run into at a bus stop.

And, I must pass along thanks to dnsyl because it was her blog that pushed me over the line to start my own. It took a while but, it has happened. I have enjoyed reading this blog. There are some great things to learn here, some great wise words, some entertaining things and lots more. But hey, these are what dn brings to a friendship. Again, I am glad we met.

Everyone, have a great day.

dnsyl57 said...

Oh the stories I COULD have told!!!! You know, my mom warned me about talking to strangers, but this was one time I'm glad I didn't listen!!!

Sure! Blame me for "pushing" you over the line to start your own blog! lol

Thanks for the compliments - the cheque is in the mail...