Monday, September 1, 2008

"dnsylTV" - Part 1

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to the day after Labour Day. Not because it was the first day of school, but because that was the day that most of the TV stations started changing their programing. New seasons of old favourites and the start of new series. They also tended to change the after school lineup from 4:00 to 6:00. We got to see the old shows that were no longer on the air.

We now live in a 500+ channel universe, where there seems to be a station for every possible genre.

I think it's time for the next generation in viewing. The personal network! It's your very own network. You select all the shows that you would like to have on your very own network. Ted Turner did it. Oprah did it.

Now it's my turn!

Here is a break down of what to expect from "dnsylTV:"

Monday to Friday
6:00-9:00AM - cartoons and shows for kids of all ages
9:00-11:00AM - game and quiz shows
11:00-2:00PM - daytime dramas
2:00-4:00PM - afternoon movie
4:00-5:00PM - classic B&W sitcoms
5:00-6:00PM - cooking
6:00-7:00PM - kids of all ages
7:00-11:00PM - various theme nights of sitcoms, dramas, medical drama and other shows from the 1950's to today!
11:00-midnight - After Prime Time Comedies
midnight-2:00AM - midnight movie
2:00-6:00AM - encore of 7:00-11:00PM

6:00AM-12:00PM - kids of all ages
12:00-5:00PM - sitcom Saturday afternoons!
5:00-6:00PM - "The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour"
6:00-7:30PM - Music and Variety
7:30-8:00PM - British comedies
8:00-midnight - Saturday night mystery and suspense
midnight-2:00AM - midnight movie
2:00-6:00AM - encore of Saturday night mystery and suspense

6:00AM-12:00PM - kids of all ages
12:00PM-3:00PM - dramas of all kinds
3:00-5:00PM - Sunday afternoon movie
5:00-6:00PM - "The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Hour"
6:00-7:00PM - Music and Variety
7:00-10:00PM - current series
10:00PM-midnight - reality TV
midnight-2:00AM -midnight movie
2:00-5:00AM - encore of current shows
5:00-6:00AM - music and variety

You'll notice that I didn't include any news broadcasts. It's not that the news isn't important, it's just that their is already so much of it out there, that I figure that the average viewer will pick their own time and place to watch it.

The older shows had only 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes of commercials or were sponsored entirely by one product and had the "plugs" edited for rebroadcast in syndication. The current commercial content of 7 1/2 - 8 minutes of commercials and promos/30 minutes has also resulted in heavy handed editing of the old classics. In a perfect world I would have a commercial free station so that the older shows would not have to be edited down to fit in the commercials of today. Any extra time at the end of the half hour or hour block would be filled with animated shorts, classic variety clips and the commercials of the era.
SO, I suppose you'd like to know exactly what kinds of titles you can expect to see on "dnsylTV". right?


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