Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, is Thanskgiving here in Canada. It is always celebrated on the second Monday in October. Last year, I wrote a special e-mail to all of my Canadian friends to wish them a Happy Thanskgiving, and I thought that I would share that with you today.

OOOHHH!!! Just in time for the holidays -
a new cookbook from ACME Inc.;
"101 Ways To Prepare Your Favourite Bird"

This looks like fun. Let's see what looks good;

"Daffy a la orange"
"Daffy Soup"
Elmer or Sam may like those."Foghorn a'la King"
"Foghorn Stew"
Henry will want those.
"Road Runner Chilli".... no.
"Road Runner Stir Fry"
I'll pass those on to Wile E.

Aha! Here we go;

" Diced Tweety, Vegetables and Almonds";
"Hawaiian Tweety";
"Lemon Tweety";
"Roast Tweety with Dressing";
"Thai Tweety";
"Tweety Cacciatore";
"Tweety Coq Au Vin";
"Tweety Cordon Bleu";
"Tweety Kiev";
"Tweety Lasagne";
"Tweety with Mango Curry Sauce"......

YUM - they all sound so mouth watering!

"Oh Tweety, would you like to join me for Thanksgiving? I've got some new recipes I'd like to try out on you!

Now where could that bird have disappeared to?
Thufferin' Thuccotash! Oh well,
I guess I can always take the turkey
out of the freezer - IF I have to!"

Anyways, I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and to say thank
you for being part of the fabric of my life. Thank you for being my friend! :)

May you always have love, peace, health, laughter and happiness in your life.

Love, Sylvester


A note from Tweety:
"Dat ol' putty tat would
never eat me! 'cause I'm much too wuvable
and would weally miss pwaying with me!.


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