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Doug and Judy - The Romance (Part One)

Back on March 21 of this year, I posted a story that my good friend Judy had written, titled “The Princess’s Bed – A Tale Of Woe”. At the end of that story I shared that Princess Judy had another true life tale to tell. Today, I am proud to post part one of her two part story.

So, here – in her own words - is Judy to tell the tale!

"Doug and Judy - The Romance" (Part One)

Looking back to 1956 from an older and wiser position in 2010, one sees the beauty of a gentler society. One in which, not only neighbors, but yet unmet people cared about the freedom and safety of others.

This was my generation, my years of learning about life.

I was born into a loving, caring family where Dad always supported us and Mom made a loving home. I adored my older brother and my 7 year old sister was more like a living doll for me to love. My story begins when I was 18 years old.

Every small city has favorite fun spots for young people and in 1956, dance halls were the fun places to be. Oh I was a dancer - loving every minute I was on the dance floor. The Jitterbug or Lindy, as we called it, was full of pep and energy which I had an abundance of. My place of choice was The Hoot. The place to be for 18 to 21 year olds. The Hoot was between two cities, Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls . I was a Chippewa girl, and the lure of an Eau Claire boy was an exciting adventure. Having gone to The Hoot for a while, I had met boys from Eau Claire and looked forward to the weekends for dancing and maybe meeting someone new and exciting.

One Friday evening "the guys from Eau Claire " casually strolled in the door. This night there was a "new" face with them. My girlfriends and I saw him right away and I was smitten. He was sooo cute...and shy.

Eventually we were introduced - Judy met Doug . I remember making sure when I danced that I was at that end of the hall. The night ended with no other plans made, but there is still Saturday night. Saturday night he was there again and this time he spoke to me and we talked. He asked me out for the following Saturday night and I was thrilled.

Fussing over what dress I would wear, it was a toss-up between a pink flowered dress and a beautiful yellow sundress. Being fair skinned and pale, I so wanted a tan to show off my dresses that I decided to spend the day at the beach, in the sun. Like a foolish girl I did everything I could to get a tan. The day was overcast (bad news) so I would swim to get wet and lie on the beach. No suntan lotion in those days. I was there for hours then returned home to get ready for my big date. I, unfortunately, looked more like a red lobster than a tanned beauty - but red was better than washed out white. I dressed in my pretty pink sundress with its crinoline netted underskirt and fussed with my black hair.

I was ready when Doug called for me and he met my Mother. She liked him very much and my little sister gave me a wink. We went to Eau Claire to see a movie. As the evening progressed so did my sunburn and my evening turned into misery. The netting in my underskirt rubbed painfully on my poor legs so I casually scooted forward and went on my tiptoes to get the netting off the back of my legs. I then slipped my fingers under the dress straps to hold them off my throbbing shoulders. I don't remember what the movie was about! When the movie ended we got in the car and started moving. The movement made me awfully sick to my stomach. Doug drove through Carson Park and we stopped and sat on a picnic table and talked. I was getting sicker by the minute. Doug knew what was wrong also and with deep regret I asked him to please take me home.

He was so kind and gentle and I liked him so much that I regretted that my foolish pride had ruined the evening.

When I walked in our front door my Mother was so surprised and asked what was wrong. I told her my stomach was upset and that I hurt so badly. I laid down on the davenport and she put Noxzema on my burns then told me to go to bed. I tried to get up but couldn't move. She got me to my feet and I went upstairs to bed. In the morning when I got up I was so miserable I put cold water on my burning face. The next thing I remember is staring at the ceiling and Mom kneeling next to me. She had heard me fall and came to see what had happened and found me lying as rigid as a board on the floor. She called the Doctor and he told her to take me to the hospital. I had gone into convulsions and had a sunstroke with 2nd & 3rd degree burns. I spent the next 4 days in the hospital. Doug called and Mom told him what had happened. I was listening to the radio in my hospital room and heard a request for " Judy in the hospital from Doug ". I was thrilled and falling in love.

written by: Judy D.

Judy's story concludes Sunday August 8, 2010.


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