Sunday, February 12, 2012

4 Years, 400 Posts and counting!

Four years ago this week, I made my first post on this blog. Today, I am adding my 400th post!

Looking back, I'm not sure I knew what I was getting myself into. I knew there was a lot of things that I wanted to write about and to share, but I didn't realize how much I would also learn while doing the blog!

It took me a while to get the hang of blogging. It took time for me to figure out how to use some of the blogger tools and shortcuts like learning how to do hyperlinks, add photos, spacing, etc. The spell check feature in Blogger is somewhat limited and I often found myself having to double check words through other sources. It was also a US English so didn't recognize the unique addition of the letter "u" after "o" in so many of our Canadian words such as favourite and colour. I finally realized that it was easier to compose my posts within Word and then copy them into Blogger draft and ignore the spell check within Blogger.

For the record, I am still a lousy speller - always have been and always will be. Same goes for typing! Even after 5 1/2 years of using a PC, I still can't type without looking at the keys on a regular basis. Okay, there are times that I do get on a bit of a roll and actually type a sentence or two without looking but that doesn't happen too often! Some things never change!

Every blogger has their own way of doing things. Granted all blogs are not created equal. They each have their own merits and audiences. Mine didn't have a set target audience. My tastes are too eclectic to narrow my posts to a category or two.

I've always tried to keep it real and honest by writing about the things that interest me. It may be music, humour or people that I admire or have been lucky enough to meet. It may be about a product I've found or a subject I have an opinion on. I've shared many of my life experiences - the good, the bad, the difficult and the happy experiences.

I've shared my attempts at photography in several posts and also through slideshows that are on YouTube. The pics aren't perfect by any stretch of the imagine, but hey - for a legally blind broad, they ain't half bad!! My slideshows can be viewed by clicking on the "Video's by dnsyl57" pic on the right hand side of this page or here.

More than anything, I've shared my love of food and the recipes that I've created. I'm no gourmet or food junky but I do enjoy cooking and baking up new experiments in cuisine! There are more than 70 recipes in "dn's Recipe Box" on the right side of the page. All of the recipes are my own variations and creations. They are divided into categories and hyperlinked for quick access. Hopefully, you've found at least one or two to tempt your taste buds!

You may have noticed that there is more than a couple that include chocolate!! Well, what can I say? I LOVE my chocolate! BTW, in the coming months, I'll be adding a decadently sinful chocolate dessert that I created after eating out at a local restaurant back in November!

Four hundred posts in four years is a lot actually. I wrote one a day for the first fifty days in honour of turning 50. Then slowed it down a tad to every second or third day. Later I switched to once a week. Now, at 400, I'm going to slow it down a bit more. I'll post when I have something that I want to say or share - hopefully a couple of times per month.

It's not that I've run out of things to say - far from it! It's just that there are other things that I also want to do besides write. I want to learn to use some of the software programs I have on my PC. I want to do more reading - books that is. There are recipes to try, walks to take, friends to spend time with and a life to live away from the PC!

Over the last four years, I've had tens of thousands of hits to various posts! I've had hits from well over 150 countries! To all of you who have somehow found your way to my little blog - thank you! I hope you found something you liked - that made you smile, think or tempted your taste buds! Please come back again - and invite a few friends! All are welcome!

What else is coming up? Well, I know there will be lots more recipes, stories, experiences and opinions! So, please stop by anytime - 'cause you never know what I might post next!!


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