Sunday, July 19, 2015

My Summer View

I've never made it a secret, that when it comes to summer, I can't tolerate the heat and humidity. I wilt when the temps get above 25C/77F. Throw in some humidity and I am mush! I don't have AC so I rely on my fans to keep the air moving and try to keep me cool. Living on the north side of a building helps to keep some of the heat out as does blackout drapes for when the sun does enter in late afternoon. 

Though the summer heat doesn't agree with me, I will readily admit that I LOVE the view from my apartment! My apartment is just above the tree tops so the view rarely disappoints - regardless of the season or time of day! From my living room window, I have a spectacular view north to the Manitoba Legislature building and beyond. This vista also extends quite nicely to the northwest and the northeast. 

If you follow me on Instagram and/or Twitter, you've no doubt seen a number of my skyline pics. The majority of those were taken with my Kindle Fire. The picture quality from it is not the greatest. There is a flash on it that, to the best of my knowledge, can't be turned off. This makes for some rather overexposed pics and inaccurate colour which isn't easy to correct with any android apps that I've checked. For that reason, I almost always grab my Fuji camera and snap a few more shots or short videos. Then, I import them to my desktop computer. The videos are put through Windows Live Movie Maker if they need any edits. The pics are checked for colour and possible cropping with Microsoft Office Picture Manager and/or Picasa. I've taken hundreds of photos from my window over the last few years.. 

In the last few days, I've used Picasa to put together several collages of my sky views Today, I thought I would share these and a short video that I've taken through my window over the last few weeks.. 

Blue skies are always welcome. The addition of some light cloud just makes it more interesting! 

It isn't always blue skies though. Sometimes we are greeted with early morning fog. It usually burns off within a few hours. 
It is a rare summer that we don't have some hazy skies due to forest fires to the north and west. This summer, the forest fires in northern Saskatchewan and a few in northern Manitoba gave those of us in southern Manitoba some very smoky skies. There were days that the sun was all but obliterated by the haze. Some evenings, the sunset was only a darkening sky with no view of the sun. 
Though clear skies are favoured by many, some clouds must come. Even the darkest clouds have their own beauty! 
Of course, some clouds can also bring rain.
Some of the rain comes in the form of a thunderstorm such as this one on the evening of July 4.

The sunrises are a bit further to the east than my view allows, but I do get some of the amazing colours from mid May through late July if I am up early enough. Problem is, I am rarely awake enough or coordinated to think of grabbing the camera before 6AM! 

Of all the possible views, the sunsets are by far my favourite - especially if there happens to be a few clouds hovering nearby! I can see the sunsets from late February through early October. Okay, there are also some other high-rises in the area that do block some of the view - or more accurately enhance the sunset! Either way, the view rarely disappoints! 

That's it for today. 

There is still much summer view to be enjoyed here in Winnipeg! 

Hopefully, you are also enjoying your summer view! 


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