Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Open Letter - Part 2

Dear Mr. Right (continued);

I don't need to be wined and dined, or even have a busy social calendar. I can find things to do and amuse myself. It is just that it would be nice to share more of that time with someone who has some similar interests. I don't expect us to share all the same interests - that would be a little much - but I'll respect your interests if you respect mine - deal?

In many ways, I'm not a traditionalist, but I am a bit of a romantic. I don't want or expect to be showered with gifts. I prefer the simple things, like hugs, a neck/back rub, a loving note written from your heart or just enjoying quiet times together. I can be very sentimental.

I love music! My taste is very eclectic. If you can't carry a tune, that is okay but please don't try to serenade me then, okay? No bagpipes either! It may seem strange, but I've never really learned to dance. I can sing and play a bit of guitar, but seem to have two left feet for anything more than a very basic slow dance - can't even waltz. If you are so inclined, you can try and teach me a few basic moves!

Being single isn't so bad, but it can also get very lonely. I like having my own space and privacy, but I miss the companionship and affection. The human touch of an embrace or a kiss. To hold someone in your arms and know that they love you completely and unconditionally.

What would I want you to be? Well, I would hope that you are an intelligent, open minded, optimistic, fun loving, funny, witty, compassionate, and caring man who is secure enough in himself to allow me to see the tender and sensitive soul within. I would hope that you are loving, affectionate and passionate.

I would like to know everything about you. What were you like as a kid? Parents, siblings and your own children (assuming you have kids)? Your likes/dislikes, tastes in food/movies/TV/books, interests, hobbies, loves, losses, joys, sorrows, missteps, triumphs and just the everyday things that make you laugh, smile, think or shake your head! What are your hopes, dreams, fantasies and fears? In other words who are you and what makes you tick?

I know that I would not tolerate a smoker (am allergic to nicotine). Would also not be willing to deal with untreated/ongoing alcoholism, drug or gambling addictions, Also wouldn't put up with any type of abuse or adultery. I expect you to take care of yourself - eat healthy, regular exercise and be willing to admit that you may need help if there are negative issues/aspects in your life.

I hope that the life you are living is filled with love, health, happiness and peace.

So, you see that it isn't that I have not thought about you or dreamt of having you in every aspect of my life. I've thought of you more than I care to admit.

I've wondered what it would be like to drift off to sleep with you beside me. I've imagined waking in the middle of the night and listening to you breathe as you sleep (I assume it was your snoring that woke me!). I want to know what it is like to wake up with you beside me.

I know that love can come at any age. I know women who have married for the first time in their 40's, 50's and 60's. Like I said yesterday, my guess is that we have already crossed paths - but for whatever reason, we weren't ready or supposed to be together - at least not yet.

I've learned to never say never.

I hope that someday, I get to know who you are and what it is like to share your life and feel your embrace. I hope you know that I loved you even though we weren't together. You will always have a very special place in my heart.

Your Ms. Right


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