Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter View

Parts of Atlantic Canada and the north eastern USA have really been hammered by winter storms and record snowfalls this winter. Some areas of the USA are just starting to dig out from a storm that hit them a few days ago. For many, it was the third major storm in less than a month.

Kids are happy ‘cause many of them got a snow day on Friday. Most parents weren’t quite as thrilled with the day off, but the fresh snowfall can be enjoyable. Well at least until it has to be cleaned out of your driveway or sidewalk! Then it’s a chore and most would prefer being at work rather than cleaning up after one of Mother Nature’s flare ups.

Southern Manitoba has gotten about normal snowfall this year. For some reason though, Winnipeg hasn’t been getting the white dumpings that other nearby areas are. We seem to be just on the edge of the storms that have rolled through.

Now please understand, I’m not complaining here. I’m thrilled that the streets and sidewalks are reasonably accessible this winter. There were a few days about a month ago that weren’t much fun but that was about it – so far!

However, tomorrow is March 1 and you never know what March or even April will bring to this prairie burg! So far, the first few days of March are looking to be sunny and above normal temps. That may not be good – IF the old adage of March coming in like a lamb and going out like a lion is true! Many of us remember the blizzard of March 1966 that shut the city and much of the province down for several days. And, does anyone remember that wallop of a snowstorm in early April of 1997? You know, that was the one that lead to the flood of the century. Yup, late season storms can be a doozy!

Mother Nature can throw a mean punch when she chooses to. So far, the only thing she has really thrown at us is bone chilling temps. Now even those wouldn’t be so bad if it was a dry cold, but the humidity has been a bit up there so it makes it feel even colder. People who aren’t familiar with the cold think that cold is cold and they are right to a point. But, cold with humidity is as chilling as heat with humidity is stifling. It makes it hard to function in either extreme. I’ll still take the cold over the heat though! As my grandma always said; “You can always put more clothes on but there is only so much you can take off!”

I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about how cold it has been and I’ve done my share as well, but I’ll take cold temps over snowfall any day! I’ll also admit that I’ve been feeling the cold a lot more this winter, but I don’t blame Mother Nature for that. I blame an aging body, low metabolism and the need for new winter wear for the way the cold is affecting me!

Okay, it’s time to appease the most gracious Mother Nature and bow to her infinite wisdom and whims for what she thinks we need and or deserve weather wise. Knock on wood, cross the fingers, click your heels together three times and repeat after me “There’s no place like Winnipeg in winter! There’s no place like Winnipeg in winter! There’s no place like Winnipeg in winter!”

Phew! Now if we could just convince all those silly people who attempt to escape to warmer climates - even for a week – that doing that only antagonizes Mother Nature into prolonging the arrival of spring. She always likes to show the returning snowbirds a welcome home snowfall even though those of us who have stayed by choice or circumstance have already done our time!

Winter isn’t my favourite season but it can be beautiful . Unless of course, I have somewhere to be and the sidewalks and roads haven’t been plowed. Then, I am not a fan of winter at all!

Oops! I mean I like winter – I just don’t love it the way that some do. The winter sports enthusiasts are wanting more but what we have right now is just fine with me thank you very much.

Like I started to say, winter can be very beautiful even in the city. There is nothing quite like the pristine glistening of a fresh dusting of snow to make a picture perfect dreamland.

Here in Manitoba, we have had a few mornings this winter that were absolutely breath taking thanks to hoarfrost. Hoarfrost is formed when the dew freezes on an outdoor surface. It doesn’t happen a lot here in winter but when it does – it is time to grab the camera and capture Mother Nature and her winter artistry at its best!

That’s just what I did on January 11th and 19th this year. My view of the city on those particular mornings was absolutely gorgeous!


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Bev said...

We both HATE snow. Well sure, it's pretty to look at on Mt. Charleston, which we can see from our front window. But we were both sick of shoveling it, scraping it, and driving in it, that's why we moved to LV, NV! When people ask me why we moved here I tell them "cuz you never have to scrape sunshine off your windshield"!!! Think about it, it's true! LOL