Monday, July 7, 2008


Well I don't know what spring was like in your area, but here In Southern Manitoba it was quite cool and wet. The last couple of weeks have been a LOT warmer - more seasonal actually. Wet weather followed by warm weather, can mean only one thing - a bumper crop of MOSQUITOES!! The city of Winnipeg has been spraying, but there are still a lot of wet areas and standing water on private property that are prime breeding ground. Mostly the mosquito is just a blood sucking nuisance but there are some varieties that carry the West Nile Virus - and that can cause serious health problems or even death.

Wearing long sleeve shirts, long pants, socks and shoes with liberal doses of insect repellent helps but isn't always comfy in hot or humid summer weather. Mosquitoes are generally most active in early morning and late evening, but those times also aren't always easy to avoid as those are often some of the most comfortable parts of the day temperature wise.

There are a couple of things you can try. The most effective thing is to avoid using any scented products especially anything that is sweet or floral related. This includes perfumes, colognes, and scented soaps and laundry products. This may sound a little weird but you can also try avoiding anything with bananas in it. Apparently there is a chemical in bananas that brings out an oil in the skin that attracts mosquitoes!

I don't wear any scented products and rarely eat anything with banana in it and I am seldom really bothered by the pesky things!

Some people swear by Citronella oil. It is made from a combination of plants that helps to repel mosquitoes. Another solution that I've heard of is to spray Mint Listerine in the area just before the outdoor activities to start. I don't know if either of these work, but the air will smell nice and the mosquitoes that do show up will have that just cleaned scent and minty fresh breath!

For more info on the mosquito and tips on how to deal with them see;

A common saying around these parts is that if you kill one mosquito, 10 come to the funeral! It is also believed by some, that the mosquito should replace the Great Grey Owl as Manitoba's provincial bird! Well they aren't quite that big and the rumours of giant mosquitoes carrying off small pets and children is only slightly exaggerated!!

Here is a little more mosquito humour for your enjoyment!

Q: What has 6 legs, bites and talks in code?
A: A morese-quito!

Q: What is the difference between a mosquito and a fly?
A: Try sewing buttons on a mosquito!

Q: What do you get if you cross the Lone Ranger with an insect?
A: The Masked-quito!

Q: What has antlers and sucks blood?
A: A moose-quito!

Last week, I answered the door and standing there was a six-foot-tall mosquito! He thumped me on the head, then left. The next night, the same mosquito came to the door. He punched me in the stomach and left. The third night, the doorbell rang. As I slowly opened the door, the mosquito pushed the door open, kicked me in the shin and left. I went to see my doctor and explained everything that had happened. I asked him what I should do. The doctor replied, “Not much you can do. There’s just a nasty bug going around.


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