Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I hate typing! Always have. So why did I start a blog where I have to type? The simple answer is I'm nuts. But seriously, this is a great way to express myself, vent and allow others to get to know more about me. Sometimes it is easier to write your thoughts out than to actually have a conversation. This way, you have to post a comment, e-mail or talk to me if you agree or disagree with something I've written. Sure , this site has only been up a few days but nobody has told me to stop. So there!

Anyways, I tried to learn to type back in Grade 10 in Typing 102. I had more sight then but it was still a real pain. You see, my left eye has always been the good one. The desks that our school had were set up with the typing book on the right side. There was no way to properly set up a book on the left side. We didn't have large print books either. Trying to type while turning to my extreme right to see with my left eye was something only a contortionist could do. I used to walk out of class with a sore back and a knot in my neck every day. They finally managed to set up a make-shift desk for me but I still had to crane my neck to see the print. I almost flunked that course. The only reason that I didn't is because I had an understanding teacher who allowed me to take my final typing test from a word test near the beginning of the book rather than where the class was near the end of the book. I got 25wpm and the only "D" on my report card in high school.

I didn't touch a typewriter again until the early 80's when mom and I worked on some family history projects. By that time "White Out" was readily available and I even had a typewriter with a black/white ribbon for corrections. Funny, it was always the white that ran out first....

Well after that, I didn't touch a keyboard until October 2006. I've tried a couple of computer typing programs but still not having much luck. I have a 19' monitor but with my reading glasses, I have to be about two inches from the screen to read most things. I do use zoom and magnifier functions for some things but it isn't always the best solution.

I was never that great at spelling either, I always kept a dictionary handy, even if I was just writing a short letter to someone. You have no idea how much I love spell check! Unfortunately, I can't seem to get the spell check function to work on this blog site, but I also know I'm not the only one who has had issues with this function lately.
There is an upside to all of this. By making myself do a bit of typing every day or so to keep all of you educated/amused, I am very slowly getting more familiar with the layout of the keyboard and not looking at the keys quite as closely. Patterns of keystrokes for words are becoming easier. It still takes a long time for me to write a post. This one has take me about 45 minutes to create,type and do a manual spell check, but I figure in a couple of years I should have this typing thing down!

Feel free to tell me to stop blogging at any time.



videonick said...

Hi there.

It's that crazy, ranty, videonick commenter guy again.

I just wanted to pop in a quick comment on this post. My comment, good stuff. Many great collections of words have come from those who have had to put in significant effort. For those who didn't know, Stephen King, yes, the horror writer, is a one-finger typist. At least, he was in the early days of writing.

Keep blogging. It's a good way to express one's thoughts, as you said. And, it spurs conversation.

By the way, I ain't no great typist either. If it weren't for backspace and delete, I'd be hosed.

Have a good one.

dnsyl57 said...

Thanks for the encouragement - I think! I use backspace and delete all the time too as I still can't get spell check to work on this site and BTW you really should be hosed! Sorry that was just too good to pass up old friend!