Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Men In Trees

One of my favourite prime time shows returns to the air tonight at 9:00 central (10E/P). I loved "Men In Trees" from the first episode last season. It has a small but loyal fan base, but then again, ABC has moved the shows' time slot so many times that only the most loyal viewers can find it. They have never really given this show a fair deal.

Season 1 had 22 episodes but they only aired 16 in North America and promised us 27 (6 from first plus 21 new) for season 2. Well the writers strike (which I was in support of) has destroyed that scenario, so we are only getting19/27. 11 new episodes will air over the next three months. There is no word yet on whether or not ABC will pick up the show for a 3rd season. That decision won't be made until May, so it is up to the viewers to watch and let ABC know that you want this show on the air.

So what is "Men In Trees" about you ask? Well, one of the best descriptions I've heard is this - If "Northern Exposure" and "Sex and the City" had a baby, it would be "Men In Trees"! I never watched NE or SitC but I know the concepts of both would definitely produce a great show like MIT.

MIT is the story of a relationship coach, Marin Frist, who travels to Elmo, Alaska on her lecture tour and winds up staying and falling in love with the small town and its' quirky residents. The town has only about 300 residents, mostly men. The show is shot in and around Vancouver and Squamish, BC so it takes full advantage of the coastal and mountain beauty. The show is actually considered a dramedy which is a cross between a drama and a comedy. MIT delivers on both fronts with great plots, character studies and laugh out loud moments.

You can read all the episode recaps, character & bios, music, video clips etc. at;

For the status of other prime time shows, post writers strike, please check this link. All dates/shows listed are subject to change and the page is updated on a regular basis.

And please, check out Men In Trees Wednesday nights on ABC and also on CITY TV in Canada. It really is the best show you've probably never seen!


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