Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gray Matter

To dye or not to dye, that is the question.

I've always had very fine thin hair and it never took kindly to perms, curlers or even curling irons for that matter. I had long hair in my teens and twenties, then went short in my thirties. Very short. My style is wash it, comb it, ignore it. I've never actually dyed my hair. I did, however use a product called "Sun In" during the mid 80's to bring out blond highlights in my hair.

I don't tend to see a lot of detail in other people (for obvious reasons) but I do notice colours, especially if the lighting is good. I see what colours they wear and I see their hair colour. It always amazes me how many different hair colours there are - natural or treated. We've all seen the old lady blue rinse. Used to see a lot of them as a kid, but there aren't as many of those around as there used to be.

Mrs. Betty Slocombe (Molly Sudgen) of Are You Being Served is probably the most famous for her multiple hair colours. Only the pilot episode featured her natural colour. Every single one of the 69 episodes after that featured a slightly different hair colour and even an occasional multi-coloured look. Some were died, but most were wigs.

Years ago, I knew a woman who had very dark hair with just a hint of red in it. She started getting gray and decided to have it dyed to bring out more of the red. Well something didn't quite go right and it actually took on a deep purple hue. She wasn't into punk, but it actually looked really good on her. I also knew a guy who died his hair fire engine red, but it took on more of an orange tone and it looked ridiculous on him.

Some people look really good with their hair dyed, but it takes a lot of time, effort and money to maintain that look - not to mention the damage all those chemicals can do to your hair!

Dying ones hair is a very personal choice but I personally like to see the natural look - especially on a guy! As they age, most guys tend to get that little bit of gray around the temples or the salt and pepper look. Some guys are a little freaked by those first signs of gray, as it makes them realize they are getting older, but they needn't feel that way. You are only as old as you feel. If truth be told, most women (including myself) find that bit of gray to be incredibly SEXY and a real turn on! Even a full head of gray hair is sexy - as long as it is well groomed.

No comb overs, or bad toupees please! Let it be natural. I'd much rather see a bald scalp/head than either of those options! Even a blink like me thinks that looks ludicrous.

Hair is such a personal thing. Whether it is thick or thin, fine or coarse, full head or barely there - whatever you got - as long as it is clean and well groomed go for it!

Now if I could only see the details of yout face....


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