Wednesday, April 2, 2008

FINALLY!! New shows are starting to air!!

Well the wait for new episodes of some of my favourite shows is almost over! Two have already returned;

"Men In Trees" (Feb 27) still has six more new episodes to air. Well you already know how much I LOVE this show! No word yet on whether it will be picked up for a third season but I've got my fingers crossed!! Tonight's' episode is called "Get A Life" and guest stars Morgan Fairchild.

"How I Met Your Mother" (returned March 17) has now aired 3 of 9 new episodes. I wasn't sure about this show at first, as I wasn't thrilled with the Barney character, but he's grown on me and I like the camaraderie between the characters. For me, it's reminiscent of "Friends"

Two more of my favourite series return this week;
"Criminal Minds" - tonight on CBS at 8PM central and CTV at 10PM Central with the first of 7 new episodes. I love the cast and main characters on this show. They are an eclectic mix and their personal characters are being well drawn. We learn a little more about each one as we go and it keeps drawing you back despite the darkness of the story lines that are laid out so vividly. First up: "Damaged" Rossi revisits an unsolved case from his past involving the murders of two young parents nearly 20 years before.

"Without A Trace" - Thursday on CBS with the first of 6 new episodes. I've watched this show from day one. A very talented cast and I love that the characters can be so flawed yet believable. First up: "Hard Reset" Jack goes missing after he tries to take down a human-trafficking ring.

"Desperate Housewives" returns on April 13 (ABC/CTV) with the first of 6 new episodes including a two hour season finale! Can't wait to see what's new with the folks on Wisteria Lane in the aftermath of the horrific tornado! ABC is repeating the tornado episode and the one after it on April 10 to get us refreshed and ready for the new stuff. I'm guessing that creator Mark Cherry has some pretty good twists up his sleeve. Just when you think you see where he is going he throws something unexpected into the mix. The web site is running a trailer that says something along the lines of; Everything is calm on Wisteria Lane, except that; Susan is pregnant; Mike is in rehab; Victor's dead; Carlos is blind; Gabby is broke; Bree is homeless; Lynette feels guilty; Catherine's secret is out and Edie is Edie! There is also a sneak peak at the next new episode! It looks good!

"Women's Murder Club" is expected to return in late April with three new episodes, This show hasn't gotten a lot of attention but it is a good mix of characters and interesting stories. I hope it gets picked up for next fall. Check it out on ABC.

For a complete list of returning shows see;

Happy viewing!



leelu said...

Did you notice David Tom (Y&R's Billy Abbot) on Criminal Minds tonight?! :)

dnsyl57 said...

Unfortunately I ended up missing most of the episode as I was attempting to set up a media player for the blog and it wasn't working properly (will try again over the next few days). I "heard" most of the episode but will try and catch it in reruns in the summeer. Thanks for letting me know!