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Telepathy: the communication of ideas, thoughts etc directly from one person's mind to another person's mind without the use of hearing, sight etc.

Do you ever get the feeling that you know what is going to happen? Do you ever get the sense that something good/bad is happening to someone you know? Do you ever have the feeling that someone is thinking about you?

I've had these things happen to me several times in my life. Some were much stronger than others, but they are very real to me. It generally happens with people that I feel somewhat connected to.

In the early 80's, I was at work when I had the strongest feeling that something was wrong with someone in my family. I found out that night that a close relative had an emergency appendectomy that afternoon.

I was at my brother and sister-in-laws home in early 1983. My grandma was quite low and my mom had gone to be with her. At one point, I said to my sister-in-law; "She's gone". Ten minutes later we got the call that grandma had died at that time.

One time, I had a feeling that a guy I was seeing was having a really bad day. He lost his job and had a relative die.

Fall of 1987, a close friend was seeing their doctor to get the test results of a potentially deadly illness. I stood at my apartment window and stared in the general direction of my friends doctors' office. The appointment was the first one of the morning. A few minutes past the time, I had an overwhelming flood of relief through my whole body. My friend stopped by an hour later to give me the good news. The tests were all negative and my friend was fine.

A little weird, huh? It isn't all doom and gloom. I've also had senses of receiving a hug or a loving hand on my shoulder, only to find out that someone close to me was thinking about me. I've occasionally picked up when someone was writing me a letter. I'd make a note of the time/date then check the mail over the next few days. Sure enough, I'd get a letter from that person with the same date on it. It has even happened with e-mails!

Through the 1990's, I knew an amazing woman. Her ability to read people and know when they needed her most was downright scary. She'd know exactly when you needed to talk to her and call before you could call her. She could read some of us so well. Regardless of how you even said "hello" when you answered the phone she knew exactly what was going on. Our lives took separate paths in 1999 and we lost touch. I had a feeling something was wrong and I tried to contact her after 9/11 but couldn't find an address. Sadly, she died of cancer in January 2002.

She could drive me crazy sometimes, because I didn't always feel comfortable knowing that someone could read me so deeply, but I miss her so much it hurts. There have been times over the last few years that I really could have used her input in helping me to sort out some of the vibes and senses that I have been picking up.

There were a few mild, brief experiences in late 1999 and early 2000. The senses that I picked up were of a gentle hug, a strong male hand on my shoulder and a good morning kiss on the cheek (the kiss would often wake me between 5 and 6AM). I'm pretty sure I know who these were coming from, but never was able to ask the person as our paths only crossed a few times in 1999. This was also a new experience for me because this was the first time that I was not close to the person. As far as I know, there weren't any other people in my life, at the time, that I could possibly have been getting such senses from.

I didn't experience anything of real note again until last year. What I have been feeling/sensing in the last 8 or 9 months is, for the most part, much more intimate in nature than anything I have ever experienced before. It has crossed my mind that these latest experiences could be related to starting menopause. However, I have seen and read a lot of interviews/articles about the symptoms of menopause and they have never mentioned anything like what has been happening to me!

For the most part, these "incidents" are brief and heartwarming. Things like a gentle touch, a loving thought or tender greeting. Then there are other times..... I won't go into intimate details, but I will say that my imagination and past experiences are not nearly as good as some of what I have been experiencing!

I should say that there have only been three or four "incidents" that were really intimate in nature and I have no control over when any of these start or stop. They can come at any time, but are most frequently in early morning between 7 and 8 or mid evening. I can be sleeping, working out, in the kitchen, the shower, at the computer or any number of other places. The best way to describe it is that someone changed the channel and they are the only one who knows how to change it back. To some, this may be a little unnerving but frankly, I've learned to go with the flow and I'm rather enjoying the spontaneity of it! Although there is no significant other in my life, I do have a suspicion of who it may be, but I won't ask. I wouldn't want to alienate or embarrass someone that cared about me, however if they choose to tell me at some point that's a different matter.

So, am I just going through menopause? Am I loosing my mind? Is there really someone out there who is "thinking" about me? I really don't know - but given my past experiences, I believe it is the later. Someday, I may learn what is really going on, but I have a feeling, that at least for now I am just supposed to be happy knowing that someone does care about me in a special way. So, if that is all that there is for me in this life then I will accept that and enjoy the TLC (tender loving connection)!!

If I ever DO learn who it is - I'm not telling or sharing!


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leelu said...

Wow, those are amazing little moments. I definitely have glimpsed the "psychic realm," and so has my husband. But my brother is downright creepy! lol I'll try to think of specific examples, but in the meantime, thanks for sharing yours!