Saturday, April 5, 2008

Star Gazing

I've never had much of an opportunity to meet any celebrities. The only Canadian celebrities that I've ever met were the guys from Moxy Fruvous (met them at a very casual autograph session and a year later before a concert in mid 90's - really nice guys!) and the cast of Royal Canadian Air Farce (met the foursome in January 1994 at a TV taping in Toronto - got photos and autographs!!).

I'm not a big celebrity watcher and there really are only a handful of stars that I would even consider waiting in line to meet or sending a fan letter to. So who would I want to meet? I could probably come up with 10 names if I really tried, but the top 5? Well that's easy!

5) Peter Falk - I LOVE Columbo and he was fantastic in "The In-Laws" and other movies!

4) Lily Tomlin - From "laugh In" to "Murphy Brown" to The West Wing" and her outstanding work in films to her amazing one woman show "The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life In The Universe", Lily has entertained me for hours!
3) Carol Burnett - comedic genius extraordinaire! Her variety show was a must see and still a classic (Tim Conway and Harvey Korman would be in my top 10!)

2) Mary Tyler Moore - Who didn't love her as Mary Richards and Laura Petrie?! A passionate activist and classy lady.
My # 1 Pick is easy! DICK VAN DYKE! I have loved him since I was a kid watching "The Dick Van Dyke Show". Dick and Mary as "Rob and Laura Petrie" were the perfect team. Every kid thought they were the perfect parents and I loved the parties where all the guests would get up and perform. I wanted to go to parties like that when I grew up. I have about 30 or so episodes on VHS as well as the reunion show the cast did a few years ago. I never missed an episode of Diagnosis Murder and have seen a lot of his movies. He is the consummate performer. He can sing, dance and act! I've seen and read many interviews with Mr. Van Dyke, and he always comes across as a funny, sincere and classy guy.

Many years ago, I learned that there is another reason that I love Mr. Van Dyke, we share the same birthday! We were born the same day and his year of birth is the same as my mothers. It sounds crazy, but I felt a connection because of that date.

I've never really enjoyed my birthday and pretty much ignore the whole thing, but I am proud to say that I share that day with my favourite performer! I haven't done anything to celebrate my birthday in more than a dozen years, but, I raise a glass of sparkling white grape juice in his honour every year!

He's the only celebrity I ever wanted to write to and get an autograph. When I got this computer in the fall of 2007, I did look for info on Mr. Van Dyke and did try writing to an address that I found on line. I sent the letter with Birthday greetings, told him about our shared b-days, how much I admired his work and expressed my sincere gratitude for the countless hours of entertainment that I had enjoyed because of him.

The day after our birthday's the letter was returned to me unopened with a note on the back, from the property owners son, stating that I had the wrong Richard Van Dyke and that he thought the one I was looking for lived in Arizona now but wasn't sure.

I was disappointed but not really surprised, It was too easy to find that address, even for a novice like me. Oh well, at least I tried. Have I given up looking? NO! Will I try to write again? If I found a solid lead I would write in a heartbeat!

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